San Diego Notary


Applicants are required to disclose on their applications all arrests for which trials are pending and all convictions, including convictions that have been dismissed under Penal Code section 1203.4 or 1203.4a. If you have any questions concerning the disclosure of convictions or arrests, contact the Secretary of State’s offi ce prior to signing the application. If you do not recall the specifi cs about your arrest(s) and/or conviction(s), you can contact the California Department of Justice at (916) 227-3849 for information.

The Secretary of State may deny an application for the following reasons: (For a complete list of reasons the Secretary of State may deny an application, please refer to Government Code section 8214.1 and the Notary Public Disciplinary Guidelines (2001)).

  • Failure to disclose any conviction;
  • Conviction of a felony; or
  • Conviction of a disqualifying lesser offense when less than 10 years have passed since the completion of probation.

The applicant has the right to appeal the denial through the administrative hearing process. (Government Code section 8214.3)

Please refer to the Secretary of State’s Notary Public Disciplinary Guidelines (2001), for a list of the most common disqualifying convictions. The disciplinary guidelines are available on the Secretary of State’s website or can be mailed to you upon request. Please refer to the inside front cover of this handbook for our website and mailing addresses.