San Diego Notary

Change of Address

A notary public is required to notify the Secretary of State in writing, by certified mail, within 30 days of any change of business or residence address. (Government Code section 8213.5) Willful failure to notify the Secretary of State of a change of address is punishable as an infraction by a fine of not more than $500. (Government Code section 8213.5) Upon the change of a business address to a new county, a notary public may elect to file a new oath of office and bond in the new county. However, filing a new oath and bond is optional. Once commissioned, a notary public may perform notary public services anywhere in the state.

The original oath and bond must be filed in the county where the notary public maintains their principal place of business as shown in the application filed with the Secretary of State. Whether or not a county transfer is filed with the new county after the original oath and bond have been filed in the original county is permissive should the notary public move. (Government Code section 8213) There is no fee for the processing of address change notifications with the Secretary of State.

NOTE: To ensure proper processing, please include the following information when submitting the written address change notification to the Secretary of State:

  • name of the notary public exactly as it appears on the commission certificate;
  • commission number and expiration date of the commission;
  • whether the address change is for the business, residence, and/or for mailing purposes; and
  • new business, including business name; residence; and/or mailing address.

Please be sure the address change notification is signed and dated by the notary public. The change of address can be submitted in letter form or, for convenience, an address change form is available on the Secretary of State’s website or can be mailed to you upon request. Please refer to the inside front cover of this handbook for our website and mailing addresses.